Gloya (Copywriter & Content Writer)

Gloya is a furniture and home decor retail outlet established by Kriya Nusantara. I was involved as a content writer and copywriter from pre-production to the post-production of Gloya’s website. I worked closely with Gloya’s brand consultant to produce contents and copies that conform to Gloya’s brand identity.

These are examples of my work:

Gloya Portfolio 1

Gloya Portfolio Product

Gloya Portfolio Product 2

I also wrote copies for the product’s descriptions. I worked with the designers of the products to ensure that the copies reflected the cultural and artistic value embodied in the design.

Gloya Product Description

Gloya Product Description 2

Gloya Product Description 3

Besides writing copies, I also wrote articles to extend Gloya’s presence on search engines and social media. The writings were designed to be easy to comprehend and introduce visitors to Indonesian culture and arts.

Introduction to the Types of Wayang

Gloya Portfolio Content Wayang

The Cultural and the Artistic Value of Keris

Gloya Portfolio Content Keris

As part of Gloya’s brand activation campaign, a TVC was created to announce the opening of the store. I wrote the narration and direct the voice actress to ensure that the voice fit the tone of the advertisement. The TVC was aired on Metro TV.

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