Resmi! FFXV Akan Dirilis untuk PC

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition PC

Setelah menunggu hampir dua tahun, kini gamer PC dapat menyaksikan kisah Noctis dan kawan-kawannya pada gim Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Yup! Game yang awalnya dirilis untuk Xbox One dan PlayStation 4 akan dapat dimainkan juga di platform PC pada awal tahun 2018 mendatang. Tentunya, ini menjadi berita yang sangat baik bagi penggemar Final Fantasy dan … Continue reading Resmi! FFXV Akan Dirilis untuk PC

Give This Video a Shot: Ludonarrative Dissonance by Folding Ideas

I've always been a fan of Dan Olson, the owner of Folding Ideas channel on YouTube. He delivers every topic in a calm manner which makes his argument easy to be digested. In this video, he provides his opinion about "ludonarrative dissonance" or the disconnection between the narrative and the gameplay of a video game. The video gives an … Continue reading Give This Video a Shot: Ludonarrative Dissonance by Folding Ideas

Total Warhammer Log #1: Here Come the Brets

Cheers, Luv! The Cavalry's Here. After dragging my army of slow-ass Dwarves for so many turns, it's really refreshing to play as Bretonnia, Total War: Warhammer's latest DLC faction. Cavalry, finally! Goodbye, chasing routing army using Gyrocopter. So long underground battle. I'll miss you all, but I won't overstay my welcome. Hello, my dear knights … Continue reading Total Warhammer Log #1: Here Come the Brets

Review: Batman Arkham Knight

Review Batman Arkham Knight

Penerbit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | Pengembang: Rocksteady Studios | Genre: Action | Tahun Rilis: 2015 | Platform: PC Menyelamatkan Gotham Sekali Lagi Setelah bertahun-tahun dikembangkan oleh Rocksteady Studios, sang Ksatria Hitam akhirnya kembali beraksi di Xbox One, PS4 dan PC. Yup, Batman: Arkham Knight adalah seri Arkham pertama (dan mungkin terakhir) yang dibuat untuk konsol … Continue reading Review: Batman Arkham Knight

Nintendo Switch Impression

Switch Me On Nintendo Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Nintendo's latest console, Nintendo Switch, coming to your nearest store March 2017. After numerous speculations of the console's form, they finally unveiled it as a hybrid console. Yes, Nintendo Switch is a home console that can be transformed, or switched in this case, into a handheld. It's … Continue reading Nintendo Switch Impression