Moving to a New Home

It’s Good to be Home

After waiting for few months, I’m finally moving to a new home. This website. Previously I used a hosting service to establish my own site, The Monday Journal. I liked it there. The amount of flexibility offered by self-host site was amazing. I could customize plugins, themes, widgets, and more. Unfortunately, as I explained in this post, hosting my own site gave rise to certain challenges. I enjoyed troubleshooting and fixing each part of the site. I got a lot of experiences in establishing and maintaining the site. It, however, distracted me from what I truly wanted: writing.

There are other reasons why I decided to subscribe to WordPress. The first one is privacy. WordPress offers an option where I could hide my private information. Previously, when I used hosting service, my email was bombarded with dozens of spam. It happened as my personal information went public when I signed up to the hosting service. While it didn’t interfere whatsoever with my emailing activity since the emails were automatically marked as spam, I wasn’t comfortable letting my personal information easily accessed by everyone on the internet. That’s why I decided to subscribe to WordPress.

Another reason is price. Technically subscribing to WordPress costs me more money than using hosting service, but it gives more value. For example, my previous hosting service only offers 1.5 GB free space while WordPress provides 6 GB free space for my plan. 1.5 GB is not that much as I often attached high-resolution images in my posts. So 6 GB is such a luxury for me. The third and the last one is convenience. Since WordPress does everything for me, I don’t have to take the trouble to tinker or optimize my site. I can focus myself to write which is my intention of building the site in the first place.

There are still some tweakings that I need to do. I have to import my previous posts and make sure that everything appears as it’s intended to be. The site needs a redesign. I have to optimize the posts and pages. But it’s really nice to have a new home. See ya in my future posts!

PS: Initially, I wanted to use “” as my domain since it sounded slick (if not cringy). But woe is me! Someone else already registered the name. Oh well, maybe I’ll have the chance to snatch it later.

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