Misadventure on WordPress

Note: This post was uploaded on my old site that’s already defunct, The Monday Journal. I was talking about problems that I encountered on The Monday Journal, not this site (thommi.me).

Hello, it’s been a while isn’t it since the last time I wrote something on this site. Then let me tell you a story why I haven’t written anything for the past few months. You see, using a hosting provider service to create my own website rather than subscribing to Wordpress does give rise to plenty of challenges. Shocking! I know. But my case was way too specific that it actually kinda awesome. And a total pain in the ass. I spent countless hours just to pinpoint the problem and God knows how long I scoured the internet, trying to find a solution that may fix the problem.

Let me start with the symptom of the problem. Every time I tried to publish, save, or even preview a post, it’d lead me to a 404 page, effectively preventing me from creating a post and killing my mood to write. Thus, my misadventure in solving the problem, or at least trying to find the cause of the problem, began. I noticed that in Post A I could edit and preview the post just fine while in Post B I couldn’t edit the post whatsoever. I copied the content of Post A and then delete the content of the Post B and replaced it with the one from Post A. It worked! Post B could preview and publish the post again, so I figured that there’s something wrong with the content.

I started to delete sentences (many of it) bit by bit and I found that by deleting certain paragraphs, it allows me to create a post again. I deleted more until I could pinpoint the problem. Then I found the culprit: I couldn’t create a post if the word “from” and an inserted link included in the post. Imagine my face when I found out that the symptom was so bewildering that it shouldn’t happen in the first place. Well, that’s technology for me.

I posted my problem on the WordPress.org forum and everyone was just confused as me. However, after tinkering the problem together (thanks, kind folks on WordPress!), we agreed that there’s nothing wrong with the WordPress itself and perhaps the configuration of the server that caused it. I contacted my hosting provider and informed them the problem that I had. They suggested me to disable ModSecurity in Cpanel before creating or editing a post. And it worked! I could create a post again. Unfortunately, the solution’s only temporary as I need to disable ModSecurity every time I want to create a post and enable it again after I finish.

Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. At least until I could secure the fund to host another website.

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