Total Warhammer Log #1: Here Come the Brets

Cheers, Luv! The Cavalry’s Here.

After dragging my army of slow-ass Dwarves for so many turns, it’s really refreshing to play as Bretonnia, Total War: Warhammer’s latest DLC faction. Cavalry, finally! Goodbye, chasing routing army using Gyrocopter. So long underground battle. I’ll miss you all, but I won’t overstay my welcome. Hello, my dear knights in shining armor. Have I told you that you guys look amazing? And what’s that? You guys come with pegasuses and griffins? You all know how to please a man who’s tired with Dwarves’ grumble! At last, I can actually chase and kill routing enemy.

I choose Bretonnia as my faction and Louen Leoncoeur as its faction leader. I choose him not because he’s the most chivalrous of all leaders, but simply he has a Pegasus Knights as his additional starting units. I’m really a sucker for highly mobile units and I just want to get rid the bad taste of a certain slow faction (though to be honest, perhaps it’s just me sucks playing it). I crank the difficulty to Hard although I didn’t do really well in the previous campaign on Normal difficulty. But perhaps, with knights riding by my side, I could handle the campaign well. Anyway, let’s get started!

When I start the campaign, I am greeted with a nice overview of the faction on the map while an unknown dude yapping in the background, babbling about how Bretonnia is the noblest and most chivalrous faction of all and advising to pay attention to the chivalry system, which I don’t. Well, I do listen to some of his advice and read the pop-up window that explains the system, but after thinking that I grasp the general information of Bretonnia, I immediately change my attention to Louen Leoncoeur and his lovely unit of pegasuses and knights. I really can’t wait to make war with other faction. Fortunately, I already war with a neighboring Empire faction called Marienburg and Orc faction called Skullsmasherz. Unfortunately, their army is far stronger than mine, so I scrap the idea to attack them right away. I scan the map and find that there is no weak faction near me; my starting settlements are only surrounded by Marienburg and other Bretonnian factions and attacking a Bretonnian seems not a good idea.

Then I hang out in my settlement for a few turns, upgrading some buildings and hiring some units, and then boom! A Greenskin Incursion happened and it reduces my settlements’ happiness for 20 turns, effectively spawning an army of Orc nearby my settlements. Fortunately, the army is really weak and I can defeat it without having many casualties. Then it occurs to me that I actually can exploit the incursion to my favor. Since the spawned army is really weak, I can farm Chivalry and experiences for my Lord and units by defeating them countless times. I almost want the incursion to never end, to be honest; the amount of experiences and Chivalry that I get is way too good.

But, alas, I’m surrounded by two strong early enemies, Marienburg and Skullsmasherz,  so I need to be prepared to fight them when the Incursion’s done. The condition of my finance, however, is not really good and it takes me a long time to upgrade my buildings, let alone my army, so I’m stuck with one Lord for awhile. Fortunately, I’m able to gather 18 units which gave me a full stack army. Naturally, I want to occupy Marienburg as it has a port that provides a big sum of money. It, however, has a full stack army and a strong garrison which make it almost impossible for me to occupy the settlement successfully. To make it even worse, Skullsmasherz has a settlement between Marienburg and my settlement, so I’m worried that they’ll attack me if I besiege Marienburg. Oh well, I decide to hang out in my settlement until I find an opening.

While waiting, I focus my technology research on technology that improves relations with other Bretonnia factions. It’s really a useful technology as it allows me to confederate with other Bretonnia factions early in the game. However, I can’t confederate yet as my settlements can’t sustain an additional full stack army. You see, Bretonnia factions depend on an economic system called Peasant Economy which means that the number of armies that I can recruit relies on the number of farms that I have. Since other fellow Bretonnian factions have their own army, confederating with them could affect my economy badly as I’ll acquire their army too. I could always disband the army as soon I confederate with another faction, but it’d be a waste just to throw them out.

Anyway, as I was pondering over decisions that I have to make, I get an unexpected problem: Marienburg move their full stack army to my settlement and hide inside the forest, obviously setting up an ambush. To make it even worse, Skullsmasherz is raiding my another settlement. I have just started the campaign and people are already trying to destroy me. So the decision that I take for now is calling it a day.

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